Industry 4.0

We offer customized solutions for your Industry 4.0 projects.

Industry 4.0

Connect production facility and IT

The collection and analysis of data in the industrial sector is becoming increasingly important. The data is used to optimize the quality, to increase efficiency, to keep an eye on costs or to track your working hours and machine time. Equally important is the exchange of data between the enterprise level and the production process.

Good examples are:

  1. Production data acquisition: Production times, production downtimes, waiting times, production counts...
  2. Job management: Managing and sending jobs to the production equipment
  3. Global recipes: Change tracking, version history, format adjustment for different plants, data from the ERP...
  4. Product tracking: Piece accurate assignment of data to a product
Exactly for these tasks IBU-DBI has been developed. The system connects industrial control systems and databases together.

Make your products and your production facility ready for the challenges of the future. Customized software solutions from IBU collect all the production data, production downtimes and quality values. It is also possible to track your products through the entire production process.