The database interface


The database interface

IBU-DBI connects industrial control systems and databases together. Data from multiple industrial controllers can be written in a database. Also the controllers can request data from the database.

Function Description / Components:

IBU DBI has three components. DBI server is a Windows application that is installed on a PC. This application mediates between the controllers and the database. DBI server can manage any number of controllers.

On the control function blocks are required. There is a function block that controls the communication on the control. It establishes a TCP/IP connection to the DBI-server and manages the individual commands of the control.
For each database command another function block is required.

DBI compiler is a tool that is used in the development phase. From a database command (SQL code) and the control information the configuration file is created. This is then converted into the function block for the controller.

There are different types of commands available:

  1. Writing command: Data from the controller can be sent to the database.
  2. Reading command: Data from the controller can be sent to the database. Using these data, the database command is executed and returns data back to the controller.
  3. Event: The event is triggered on the PC or another external application. The events database command is executed and the results are sent to the controller.

The content of the individual commands is limited only by the used database. The entire functionality of SQL can be used.

The following controllers are supported:

  1. Siemens SIMATIC S7 300 family
  2. Siemens SIMATIC S7 400 family
  3. Siemens SIMATIC WinAC RTX is the SIMATIC Software Controller
  4. More controls and manufacturing are available on request.

The following databases are supported:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / 2008
  2. Microsoft SQL Server EXPRESS 2005 / 2008
  3. MySQL
  4. More databases are available on request.


  1. IBU DBI is the perfect solution when it comes to exchanging data between the enterprise level and the production process.
  2. Together with the web visualization IBU-WebVisu a complete solution can be realized.

IBU-DBI for S7 1200

IBU-DBI is available for S7 1200 now! For this option of IBU-DBI SCL-Blocks are created in the special syntax of S7 1200 for TIA Portal V13. With the cost effective controller S7 1200 even low cost applications can communicate with databases. Also data collectors can be implemented. They can grab data via bus systems or signal exchange from other controllers or collect data directly from the process.