The intelligent web visualization.


The intelligent web visualization.

IBU WebVisu is a framework for ASP.NET Web Applications. It provides user control, language switching, adjusted screen resolutions and other important functions for Web applications in the intranet area. The system includes a set of controls for ASP.NET applications. The controls can be used and configured directly in the designer.

User control:

Depending on the User and his rights the controls can be disabled or made invisible. Each control has a user role for visibility and a user role for the operability. The users can be assigned different roles.

Language switching:

Each control logs in automatically to the Translation Supply system and transfers its lyrics. Tool tips, text, content, even entire tables will be translated. Once captured by the translation system, the texts can be viewed and edited directly in the Web application. Any number of languages can be created. The editor also includes the possibility to search for words, to filter and to sort. With this system customers can define new languages themselves.

Screen resolution:

Specifically for mobile devices, the resolution on dynamic style sheets can be adjusted. On mobile devices, the controls are continuously adjusted to the screen resolution.

Other Features:

  1. Task Scheduler
  2. Outsourcing of SQL code
  3. Database maintenance functions
  4. Meaningful symbols
  5. ...


With this framework we are able to develop rapid and cost effective web applications for you.